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September 30, 2010

It has been exactly six and a half weeks since I first sent out my support letters, and about three months since I talked to Bruce Main about the desire the Lord has placed on my heart to serve with UrbanPromise International (UPI). It has been one of the most overwhelming times of my life. The Lord has been opening doors, and working things out in such a way that has simply affirmed this calling in my life. Family, friends, co-workers, my boss, even random people I meet are so excited for, and so supportive of this mission that the Lord has called me on. Overwhelming support has come to me both financially, emotionally, and spiritually. As of the end of September $8,085 have come in towards the $9,000 that I need to raise to serve with UPI over this next year. Money has come in from supporters I would have never even imagined would be as generous as they have been. I get an update from the director of UPI Lindsey Markelz once a week, and was almost brought to tears with the vast amount of support that was coming in. God is so good, and has provided the means for His work to be accomplished in Honduras and Malawi, I have $915 left to raise.

The Lord has provided already in miraculous ways. In preparation for my time abroad I went to an international clinic to get the shots and other medications I need. The clinic is up to date on diseases and medical dangers in all areas of the world and advises its patients as to what is best for them depending on where they are going. One thing recommended for me to get for Honduras and Malawi is the rabies vaccination. This vaccination is a serious of three shots for $270 each shoot. That’s $810 that I was not expecting to spend on medical expenses, and had not factored into my support goal. I was going to go without getting the vaccination because of the cost. However, a coworker of mine had heard of and showed me a patient assistance program through Sanofi Pasteur that gives free vaccinations to people who do not have health insurance and are under poverty level. I applied for the program, and put it in the Lord’s hands. Praise the Lord I was accepted to the program and only have to pay for the doctor to administer the three rabies shots. Also, the doctor is rushing the administering of the shots to one shot a week until I leave. The shots are supposed to be given over a month and half time period. The Lord worked these details out so perfectly, and I know He will only continue to amaze me.

I appreciate your support so much, and any support that is raised over and above the $9,000 needed, will go directly to ministry needs in the sites in Honduras and Malawi. I know that while I am serving at these sites, various needs will come up for the children and communities that we serve. Boys in SafeHaven orphanage may need school books, children in Copan Honduras may need Bibles in their language, ministry needs will come up and if I have raised excess finances, I can help with these needs.
I am a week away from leaving for Honduras on October 7th. It is going to a quite a busy week of finishing up my work in the development office, and preparing for this journey.

Please pray:

•That the Lord gives me the grace and the time to accomplish
everything that I need to get done over the next week.

•That the Lord prepares my heart for the things I am going to see and experience.

•That my host family and I will connect and truly be a blessing to each other.

•That the remainder of the financial support needed will come in.

•For the families, children, and youth that I will be working with and serving in Copan. For their salvation and well being.

September 29, 2010

“This summer, UrbanPromise International had their first summer internship program in Malawi. Eleven interns from the African Bible College served with the 5 UPI affiliates in Malawi. Here’s the story of one intern.”

Chester, a June 2010 graduate of African Bible College, had a deep impact on the children at RiseMalawi Ministries as an intern. He immediately began taking initiative to know the children and be a mentor with whom they could talk. He always spent unstructured time with several of the boys before and after the official program time to build these relationships. He was also an effective teacher in the 5th grade classroom each day to encourage the academic development of the students. He eagerly anticipates his tenure as a fellow with UPI for the upcoming year because he dreams of working with secondary school students in ministry in the future.

One of the pivotal contributions that Chester made to the RiseMalawi community this summer was his effort to plan and coordinate a special field trip for 37 children. The focus of the trip was both education and amusement. It included a bus ride to the Salima district along Lake Malawi, a guided tour of Salima Technical College, picnic lunch, beach walk, and recreational games. The trip was arranged as an incentive for RiseMalawi children who have displayed satisfactory attendance and academic performance in the school year. Chester led the planning meetings and even took a solo trip to Salima to make the proper arrangements several weeks in advance. The kids were ecstatic to have this opportunity to leave their rural homes and explore the beauty of their nation’s famous lake, most for the first time. They were engaged during all parts of the experience, from bonding through songs on the bus, to inquiring about entrance requirements at the college, to displaying their teamwork and creativity building sand castles.

The experience opened their eyes to many new things and it was truly the highlight of the summer months for all involved. Chester’s influence will always be remembered when these RiseMalawi youth recall their wonderful trip to Salima!

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