Blog: January 2015

January 19, 2015


“You cannot pick up a pebble with one finger.”-Malawian proverb

When we reflect on the last 7 years—on what has been learned, built, and accomplished, it’s striking to see the results of UPI’s work in the countries we serve.

7 ministries in Africa. An orphanage housing over 20 young boys. 2 high schools educating over 600 students each year. Feeding programs, counseling classes, mentorship groups, creative arts, sports, field trips, and Bible lessons—all of it helping to transform the lives of thousands of youth.

The beautiful thing about UPI is intersection—finding those places where vision and passion can collide, sending ripples of change throughout communities around the world.

Our vision for ministry rests on the shoulders of those churches and individual donors who—through commitments of time, talents, and treasure—have spurred us onward, giving UPI much needed support and encouragement.

One such church is New Hanover United Methodist.

A partner in ministry since our inception, this congregation is one of exceptional generosity. They’ve sponsored children in our ministries, hosted fellows, outfitted our schools with desks, built a boys orphanage, offered staff support, and have contributed in so many other meaningful ways.

This is no mega-church made up of millionaires. It’s just a group of people who truly believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Lead pastor Dave Lewis visited Malawi in September, and through his conversations with ministry leaders learned of the need for a girls’ orphanage. In Malawi, a country where child marriage and teen pregnancy is rampant, there is a paucity of safe spaces where girls can learn and dream.

This year, the church decided to take an offering on Christmas Eve in the hopes of raising enough money to build a girls’ home in Malawi.

$68,000 was raised. More than enough to build the structure, furnish the home, and cover staffing costs. More than enough to create different realities for those that we serve.

Pastor Lewis notes that “a well built, appropriately furnished home staffed by caring Christian disciples will bless many lives over the years. New Hanover UMC cannot think of a better gift to give Christ at Christmas.”  

We are both humbled and thankful for this exceptional community of givers and are excited to witness the impact of their generosity.


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