Leading Girls Network

Odukpani, Nigeria
About this ministry

Leading Girls Network seeks to accelerate the development of communities by providing girls and teenage mothers (especially those who have experienced abuse) access to quality education and equipping them with vocational and interpersonal skills to take responsibility for their lives and community. We believe that when a girl is educated and empowered, she grows to be a woman who is part of the decision-making processes in her community, changing dynamics - silenced voices heard, healthy and educated children raised and economies grow.

Leading Girls Network is a personal vision of Giftie Umo. With 8 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Giftie serves as an advisory board member of two organizations in Africa and believes that in the 21st century, girls in rural communities of Nigeria should have similar access to opportunities, resources, and support as their counterparts in the urban areas.  Giftie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Chemistry and an M.A degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, Pennsylvania.


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Areas of Focus

Program Areas

  • Afterschool and Summer Camp Programs
  • School Re-enrollment Program
  • Vocational Skills Training