Joyful Hearts

Kikubampanga, Uganda
About this ministry

Milly Nakato, our second female ED, is someone who is using her own story to change the lives of children growing up like she did. 

“I want to return to Uganda and help kids, I want to build a school where an average student like I was can gain an education and break the cycle of poverty. This is my passion, this is what I will do”. 

Our Mission is to create a safe bright and God fearing future for children by using affordable quality Early Childhood Development programs to build resilience in their families and community”.
Our Vision: Children achieving their full potential through Early Childhood Development programs and with the support of their families and community.


Areas of Focus


The afterschool program is designed to provide children quality early education so that their chances to suceed academically improve greatly. We provide tutoring, food and medical care.


We believe that children thrive when their parents also thrive. Our parenting classes support parents by giving them tools to sustain themselves, their children and their community.


Camp leaders are crucial to our program. These youth are given a chance to earn a small stipend, learn job training skills and recieve academic support.

Currently we run one site established in 2018 in Kikubampanga Village, Kakiri town council, Wakiso District Uganda.
Children that come to our program receive tutoring, food, medical care and their parents take parenting classes.
Our teen program is focused on giving youth a chance for their first job. They help with all of our programs and recieve academic support and a small stipend.