USA: UrbanPromise Camden

Camden, New Jersey
About this ministry

Thirty one years ago the vision and mission of UrbanPromise was conceived in a dusty church basement in East Camden, NJ. A small group of college missionaries created a summer camp for neighborhood children--providing a safe, loving, fun, and creative place for local youth to escape dangerous city streets.

The response from the community was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Young people attended in droves, demonstrating a hunger to engage in activities that challenged academic, spiritual, and social growth. UrbanPromise has since diversified our programmatic offerings to include two schools, job training, AfterSchool Programs, boat building, expeditionary and experiential learning, college tours, faith development opportunities, and a host of other activities. But the core of our organization will always be about relationships and the message that every child and teen is wonderfully created in the image of God.

Areas of Focus


  • Elementary, Middle & High School
  • Experiential learning
  • 100% graduation rate

AfterSchool Programs & Summer Camps

  • 4 AfterSchool Programs and 4 Summer Camps
  • Focus on academic & spiritual growth
  • Over 540 hours of free programming

StreetLeader Program

  • 100+ teens employed in job training program
  • Mentoring
  • College prep classes
At least once a month, 145 individuals volunteer at UrbanPromise in a variety of capacities. We also host around 850 annual volunteers who participate in Saturday and week-long WorkGroup activities.
Through a myriad of neighborhood-based programs, UrbanPromise educates and empowers around 640 Camden children and teens each year.
Within the this past year's StreetLeader Program, 131 teens gained hands-on training, attained marketable job skills, and participated in academic enrichment and college prep activities.