UrbanPromise Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
About this ministry

Launched in the Canoga Park neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2019, the mission of UrbanPromise Los Angeles is to develop the children and youth of LA as they grow into Christian leaders determined to restore their communities. We strive to fulfill this mission through our Community School Initiative, AfterSchool Programs, Summer Camp, and our "StreetLeader" program.

UrbanPromise Los Angeles reaches elementary-aged children through our Community School Initiative, AfterSchool Programs and Summer Camps and raises high school leaders who are employed as mentors and counselors in these programs. Our ultimate goal is to disciple a generation in LA into Christian leaders determined to restore their communities.

Our great hope is to reach the children of LA in under-resourced communities and support them spiritually, academically and socially to enable their growth into capable and inspired StreetLeaders who are able to look beyond their situations, are prepared for leadership on their college campuses, and are able to translate love, hope, and meaning to the people around them. Ultimately earning their degrees and returning to their neighborhoods to restore community in the most influential city in our nation through prolonged servant leadership.



Areas of Focus

Community School Initiative

  • Created in response to the COVID-19 distance learning model
  • Offers elementary students and high school StreetLeaders reliable wifi and in-person supervision and academic support during their virtual school day in socially distanced “learning pods”

AfterSchool Program/Summer Camp

  • offers elementary students reading support, homework help, STEM lessons, Bible classes, arts & crafts and recreational activities.
  • All while students create positive relationships with caring teenagers and adults, explore the arts, and nurture their faith.

StreetLeader Program

  • 10 teens employed
  • Offers year-round employment to LA’s teenagers
  • StreetLeaders work as counselors, tutors, and mentors for children in our AfterSchool and Summer Camp ProgramsStreetLeaders also receive extensive job training, tutoring, and help in the college application process as first-generation college students