Founded 2020

Crystal Lens


Crystal Lens means clarity of vision. The organization was borne out of a strong desire to help young people from vulnerable communities in Lagos, Nigeria to look beyond existing limitations; clearly see the potentials that God deposited in them, and be equipped for the future. As a registered nonprofit organization in Nigeria, Crystal Lens focuses on education and workforce development, with a vision to ensure that all young people in Nigeria, have the opportunity and resources to attain academic, career and life success. We specifically provide career development and training, while connecting young people from low-income communities to opportunities needed to acquire 21st-century skills and gain hands-on work experiences.


Nigeria has over 200 million people, with about 50% below the age of 18. Unfortunately, the country has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world, and many of those who are able to go to school, still find it extremely difficult to get sustainable employment. Hence, the extreme rate of poverty, with about half of its population living on less than $2 per day. Interestingly, despite the increasing rate of job seekers, many employers struggle to find individuals with the right skills and experiences needed to fill vacant positions. Therefore, it is important to bridge the gap between school and work, so that young people from low-income communities can build the career that they love, find gainful employment, and rise above poverty. That is our goal at Crystal Lens!


The founder of Crystal Lens, Sarah Anene has a Master's Degree in Organizational Development from Eastern University and is a graduate of the UrbanPromise International USPEL program. Her prior education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Lagos State University in Nigeria. She also has an additional Masters’ Degree in Employment Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Lagos. Her experience in the corporate world exposed her to the inadequacies of the school system and this led her to begin career development projects to equip young people with the skills that they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace. She has previously worked with several youth development organizations in Nigeria all while mentoring several young persons in their journey toward finding their God-given purpose and building a career that is in line with their passion and strength.

Our Programs

Work Based Learning

Serving 120 High school students 
annually since 2020
The focus of the Crystal Lens work-based learning program is to help high school students from low-income communities identify and build successful career paths by providing opportunities to gain industry-relevant knowledge and experiences aligned with their personal interests. This is done through:
  • Weekly career development classes and technical skill workshops
  • Practical experiences like summer jobs and student-led community development and entrepreneurship projects
  • Educational tours and other field trips
  • Events like the annual speech competition

Girls Empowerment Program

Serving 70 Teenage Girls 
annually since 2020
The Crystal Lens Girls Empowerment Program was initially called Girls Career Acceleration Project, piloted with a WIL fund in 2020. In 2022, it evolved into a stand-alone program with more emphasis on working with teenage girls in their journeys through life and helping them gain the right knowledge needed to build self-confidence, and independence and be empowered for the future. This is achieved through:
  • Knowledge sharing via circle meetings
  • Girls Book club
  • Individual counselling sessions

Crystal Lens Alumni Network

Serving 20 High school graduates  
annually since 2021
Students who pass through our other programs have the opportunity to be in our alumni network. This includes:
  • A virtual group where participants get resources, training and support to transition to post-secondary education and career
  • A career mentoring project which connects students to professionals in the United States
  •  The Work Experience Fellowship - A one-year internship where participants get work experience, undergo academic tutoring and earn a monthly stipend and grant towards university tuition

Crystal Lens : +234 812 782 8986

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Executive Director
Sarah Anene
Communications & Programs Associate
Malik Gbenle
Finance & Project Officer
Benjamin Urhode
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