Founded 2020

Girls Leading Africa


Girls Leading Africa seeks to accelerate the development of communities by providing girls and young mothers access to quality education and equipping them with vocational and interpersonal skills to take responsibility for their lives and community. We envision a world where girls in rural communities have access to opportunities, resources, and support like their urban counterparts. Girls Leading Africa believes that when a girl is educated and empowered, she grows to be a woman who is part of decision-making processes in her community- changing dynamics - silenced voices heard, healthy and educated children raised, and economies grow.


Our Vision: To be a lens that diminishes stereotypes, preparing girls to become Nation-builders.


Our mission: To equip girls with skills and educational support necessary for personal growth and community development through Afterschool and vocational training programs.


In 2022, we successfully graduated our first class of 28 girls from our Girls Entrepreneurship Institute (GEI).


Our Programs

After-School and Summer Camp Program

Serving 60 Teenage girls and young mothers 
annually since 2020
Provides a haven for 60 teenage girls, including young mothers, every summer holiday, supporting each girl in believing in the power of their dreams and reaching their potential. The summer camp is geared at developing social skills, increasing independence and confidence among teenage girls, increasing resilience, and most importantly, reiterating the importance of school completion for teenage girls. Participants have the opportunity to participate in digital skills training, pastries making/baking programs, academic enrichment activities, and financial literacy classes.

School Enrollment Program

Serving 4 Teenage girls and young mothers 
annually since 2020
For girls and teenage mothers who have had to leave school, our school enrollment program offers full academic support- including tuition, books, school uniforms, access to tutors, etc.

Girls Entrepreneurship Institute (GEI)

Serving 27 Teenage girls and young mothers 
annually since 2020
GEI is a multi-dimensional program that provides vocational skills training to girls and young mothers in our communities, providing a sustainable pathway out of poverty and creating a platform where girls are mentored and supported.  
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Founder/Executive Director
Giftie Umo
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