Founded 2024

Jelito Girls Ministries

Our Mission:

To provide educational opportunities to vulnerable girls and teen mothers in a safe and supportive environment for productive citizenship.

  • The school aims to raise girls and teen mothers in a safe and supportive environment where girls can be built into good character and dream big. We provide educational empowerment to girls and young moms to become reliable citizens equipped with the knowledge and skills to deal with life's challenges. Central to our mission is the empowerment of girls to speak out against abuse and injustice.
  • Through our comprehensive educational and empowerment programs, we address these challenges by providing:
    • academic empowerment and guidance
    • training to help girls speak for themselves and build self-confidence 
    • necessary financial and emotional support and resources for success through scholarships and mentorships

Additionally, we believe in the inherent ability of every girl to succeed and equip them with the educational tools they need to overcome adversity, pursue their aspirations, and change positively in their communities.


About the Founder: Madalo Champeni

I grew up in a rural community where girls and teenage mothers often face gender-based violence and injustices. These young women are affected by poverty, harmful cultural practices and are denied basic human rights, including access to
healthcare and education. Having personally experienced some of these injustices, I strongly believe that Jesus Lives Today (Jelito) Ministries is unique in addressing the abuse that these vulnerable groups face, especially in today's world.

Jelito Ministries is extending an invitation to all to join in the mission of restoring and empowering girls and teen mothers in the community and helping them become productive citizens. I urge you to explore our website and learn how you can become a part of this wonderful initiative that aims to restore dignity to the lives of women today!

Our Programs

Jelito Girls Christian High School

Serving 1 12 - 20 year old girls 
annually since 2024

  Educate | Protect | Empower  

Feeding Program

Serving 1 12 - 20 year old girls 
annually since 2024
  Supporting girls from poor families with meals to enhance concentration and academic performance.

Girls Empowerment

Serving 1 12 - 20 year old girls 
annually since 2024
  • weekly sessions that focus on life skills and issues girls and young mothers face, eg. trauma
  • role modeling and inspirational speakers
  • college tours and exposure to other opportunities

Executive Director
Madalo Champeni
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