Founded 2008

MercyCare Malawi


MercyCare Malawi exists to equip children and youth spiritually, academically, and socially with life management skills in order for them to achieve their life goals, develop leadership skills, and impact their communities.   This is achieved through holistic programming, such as Mercy high school, after-school programs, girls’ empowerment clubs, the UPI sponsorship program, HIV/Aids awareness initiatives, and job training.


Kanengo, a community in Lilongwe, is no exception to the problems concerning HIV/Aids and the poor quality of education.  Kanengo is a densely populated area with slum-like conditions due to the flood of families from rural areas seeking employment in the city.   These families are mostly poor and illiterate.  It is because of the pressing needs in this area that MercyCare Malawi was established.

Our Programs


Serving 411  Youths 
annually since 
  • MercyCare High School
  • 400 youth involved
  • Lower student to teacher ratio than national average


Serving 115 Children 
annually since 
  • Over 100 children in AfterSchool Program
  • Focus on literacy and overcoming poverty
  • Offers enrichment programs, spiritual development


Serving 88 Children and Youths 
annually since 
  • 67 girls involved in girls' empowerment program
  • Sex education and HIV/Aids awareness
  • Hundreds of nutritious meals provided

Sponsorship Program

$36 / MONTH
Sponsorship Program Details
When you sponsor a child or youth through UrbanPromise International, you change a child’s life forever! With your support, our ministries are able to reach the children and youth in their communities through holistic programs. Children and youth have the opportunity to grow spiritually, socially, academically, and physically. Our ministries act as family for these children and youth, many of whom are coming from lifestyles of extreme poverty, broken homes, abuse, and circumstances that hold them back from their God-given potential.

When you sponsor a child or youth with UrbanPromise International, you become a part of their extended family around the world. Helping them break free from the chains of their circumstances, and giving them the opportunity to hope for a brighter future.
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