Founded 2022

Quality Life Liberia


Quality Life Liberia exists to empower teens and young adults in Liberia living in poverty due to the high illiteracy rate (60%). Our mission is to teach essential life and job skills to war-affected and underprivileged youths (ages 15 - 24) in Liberia while inspiring creativity and innovation among them. Also, we intend to extend our program to the 12,000+ neglected, war-affected young men and women who desire to overcome their challenges through the pursuit of vocational training and quality education. We intend to address the issues youths face in Liberia through our job sponsorship program.


About the Founder


Klah B. Doteh was among thousands of young people in Liberia who struggled to pursue a college education. He was fortunate to meet a few people interested in youth empowerment, who were willing to sponsor him through college. He is completing his master's degree at Cairn University (Langhorne, PA, USA) in Organizational Leadership.


He is returning to Liberia to continue serving the youths of Monrovia.  He previously served as the Executive Director of Christian Re-creation Ministries Inc. (2009 - 2019), developing musicians and singers from various ministries in Monrovia, Liberia.  He also served as the Director of Camps at CELDI-Liberia, focusing on afterschool programs and summer camps for underprivileged children in slum communities in Monrovia.

Our Programs

Academic Sponsorship

Serving 51 Ages 15-24 
annually since 2022
Proficiency in
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing and speech competencies
  • Leadership and managerial skills

Vocational training

Serving 50 High School Graduates 
annually since 2023
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Catering

Computer Literacy

Serving 50 15-24 year olds 
annually since 2023

Music and drama

Serving 50 15-24 
annually since 2022
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Founder/Executive Director
Klah B. Doteh
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