Founded 2017

Voices Awake


Voices Awake: Girls Equipped for Change was founded in 2013 with the mission to empower girls through holistic and trauma-informed programs that equip them with the skills and tools they need to create lasting, positive change in their lives.


Based in Salima, Malawi, the ministry provides numerous programs including a rescue home to provide sanctuary from girls escaping abuse, a school partnership with Cornerstone Christian Secondary School to provide education, a feeding program with healthy lunches, mentorship and tutoring programs which raise awareness on social issues and introduce female role models, as well as vocational training and job creation efforts. Through these programs, girls are encouraged to pursue their dreams as people created for a purpose.


Founded and led by Vanessa Mwangala, a graduate of the MA of Organizational Leadership program and our first female Executive Director, Voices Awake has the vision to create a Malawi where every girl is empowered to transform her life and community. You can read more about our programs at

Our Programs


Serving 21 Girls 
annually since 2019
  • Safe home with 20 beds
  • Providing food, shelter, clothing, and trauma-informed care
  • Mentorship and empowerment programs
  • Employment opportunities and school support
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Serving 33 Girls  
annually since 2017
  • Providing tuition for 30+ girls
  • Uniforms, school supplies, counseling and tutoring
  • Daily feeding program with healthy lunches


Serving 55 Children and Youths 
annually since 2017
  • Weekly mentoring with female role models
  • Vocational training and job creation
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities

Sponsorship Program

$36 / MONTH
Sponsorship Program Details
When you sponsor a child or youth through UrbanPromise International, you change a child’s life forever! With your support, our ministries are able to reach the children and youth in their communities through holistic programs. Children and youth have the opportunity to grow spiritually, socially, academically, and physically. Our ministries act as family for these children and youth, many of whom are coming from lifestyles of extreme poverty, broken homes, abuse, and circumstances that hold them back from their God-given potential.

When you sponsor a child or youth with UrbanPromise International, you become a part of their extended family around the world. Helping them break free from the chains of their circumstances, and giving them the opportunity to hope for a brighter future.
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Vanessa Mwangala
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