Good Promise Ministries

Lilongwe, Malawi
About this ministry

In the Nguluwe, rural community, Southwest of Lilongwe, Good Promise noted that a child does not stay and finish middle and high school as parents have low income. Access to quality and equal education is a myth for children due to poor learning conditions and rights violations leading to child labor and early marriages. It is a place where young people have limited economic and leadership training opportunities. We are in that isolated community as an emblem of hope for better stories, serving and supporting to enhance children and youth’s potential to break out from the unfavorable status quo!

Our Mission

Good Promise Ministries is on a mission to create an environment where under-resourced children and young people are presented with educational, economic, and leadership development opportunities. The goal is to enable children in rural communities to break out from greatness limitations for a long-lasting impact on their lives, families, and communities!



Areas of Focus

After school Tutoring

  • Literacy Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Bible Lessons
  • Creativity Skills
  • Sports and Gym

After school Meals

  • Nutritive lunch box

Girls Empowerment

  • Mentorship
  • Self-care and Emotional Wellness
  • Home Economics
  • Community Activism

Youth Economic, and Leadership Training

  • Life Coaching and Mentorship
  • Christian Leadership Development
  • Computer for Professionalism
  • Media for Entrepreneurship

Experiential Learning

  • Eco-friendly Ventures
  • Community Services
  • Wildlife Exploration
  • Performing Arts