Young and Empowered

About this ministry

Young & Empowered is aimed at improving the lives of children and youth of Lunzu area in the outskirts of Blantyre city through mentorship, spiritual enhancing and educational programs.  The organization was founded by two young leaders Lucy and Dorothy, as a response to the unique challenges facing children and youth growing up in the cities of Malawi. Young and Empowered envisions a future where the children and youth have access to the needed resources for the realization of their dreams; allowing them to be active participants in the development of their communities.

Our mission is to provide high quality supplementary academic support, leadership trainings, mentorship and economic opportunities to children and youth living is vulnerable communities.
Our programs include an After School Program (ASP), Feeding Program, Girls Empowerment Program, Youth Empowerment Program, and a Literacy Program.


Areas of Focus

After School Program
Young and Empowered believes that children are the core foundation of development in every society; as such we prioritize educational programs aimed at equipping them with knowledge and skills that will mold them into responsible and independent citizens. Our After School program will provide special tutoring classes, critical thinking exercises and other needed materials for children between standards 4-7. The program which is expected to run for four days in a week intends to equip the learners with academic excellence, spiritual growth and moral support.

Feeding Program
Our programs are designed to be implemented in some of the most vulnerable communities in the country.  We acknowledge the fact that not many families are able to provide three meals a day for their children and this poses as a big challenge in the lives of these children.  Our feeding program will therefore provide the children with a healthy lunch that will consequently enhance their concentration in class.

Girls Empowerment Program
As is the case in many African countries, girls in Malawi are vulnerable to different problems and challenges that hinder their academic and socio-economic growth.   With this in mind our girls empowerment program will focus on keeping the girl child in school, motivating her to dream and achieve her goals, as well as encouraging her to make independent choices. The program will include: mentorship, counseling, role modeling, as well as social entrepreneurship trainings.

Youth Empowerment Program
This program targets the youth that are struggling with unemployment, lack of spiritual guidance and lack of moral support. The program provides access to mentorship, sports, vocational trainings and job training program that will also work closely with the afterschool program.

Reading Program
Literacy is a vital tool for the development of a society. However, statistics show that illiteracy rate in Malawi is still high. At Young and Empowered, our aim is to improve and provide a solution to this problem by helping our kids who are struggling in reading and writing. The reading program will provide special lessons and materials that will not only help them in their reading and writing but also their oral language skills. With this program, we hope to develop a reading culture among the children and the youth.