Crystal Lens

About this ministry

Crystal Lens means clarity of vision. The organization was borne out of a strong desire to help young people from vulnerable communities in Lagos, Nigeria to look beyond existing limitations; clearly see the potentials that God deposited in them, and be equipped for academic/career success.  UNICEF reported that Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children in the world. Unfortunately, those who are privileged to go to school still suffer unemployment as many schools are not well equipped to adequately prepare young people for workplace realities. Hence, Crystal Lens hopes to bridge the gap in education and workforce development among vulnerable young people in Lagos, Nigeria.

We envision a Nigeria where the average young person has the capacity and opportunity to attain academic, career and life success. Our mission is to expose young people to the right knowledge, equip them with the right skills and connect them to relevant opportunities needed to maximize potentials and rise above poverty.

The founder of Crystal Lens, Sarah Anene is a current student of Organizational Leadership at Eastern University, Pennsylvania USA. Her prior education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Lagos State University in Nigeria. She also has an additional Masters’ Degree in Employment Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Lagos. Her experience in the corporate world exposed her to the inadequacies of the school system and this led her to begin career development projects to equip young people with the skills that they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace. She has previously worked with several youth development organizations in Nigeria. She has also mentored several young persons in their journey towards finding their God given purpose and building a career that is in line with their passion and strength.


Areas of Focus


  • Operate a community library/computer lab where young people can improve their digital literacy and have access to the academic resources they need
  • Hold summer programs where teenagers can have access to academic support, vocational skills training, and experiential learning opportunities
  • Hold monthly job/employability skills training for secondary school graduates and college students to be well equipped for the present and future of work
  • Provide one-on-one coaching where young people can be free to talk about their faith questions, life challenges, and other career-related issues.


  • Train selected school teachers on how to identify early warning signals and diagnose the problem of struggling students using grade monitoring tools
  • To coach selected school staff on specific interventions to improve struggling student learning based on identified attendance, behavioral or course performance issue
  • Work with school staff to implement work-based learning for all students through weekly career education; bi-annual career fair; and  work experience for selected students


  • Connect young people to job shadowing, apprenticeship, virtual/physical internships and other job opportunities needed to get relevant experience and develop successful careers.