About this ministry

DreamCode reaches teens and youth through a S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) based after-school program and invests in mentoring high school students to be leaders and role models in the program. Our vision is to impact the community by helping young people get the right education, develop relevant job/life skills, break the cycle of poverty and grow in their faith.

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Areas of Focus

Literacy and Skills Development

Using the after school and weekend study approach, DreamCode promotes literacy and basic tech skills development in teens and youths in marginalized communities.

College & Career Readiness Program

We provide successful transition programs for teens and youth helping them gain the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for their postsecondary success. The goal is to help more students in the community get into college, get jobs/to create jobs and break the cycles of poverty.

Christian Discipleship

In addition to investing in the development of teens and youths, we are committed to helping young people develop a relationship with God and grow in their faith. We achieve this through intentional discipleship.