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Girls’ Raising Hands-YouthPromise Centre Kenya

Growing up in Kenya, girls are often not encouraged to raise their hands and engage in their education. I was once like these girls and I know how it feels to go through such challenges. Girls' Raising Hands will give hope and increases chances of success to underprivileged girls.
Launch Date:  Jul 21, 2024

Project Goal - $45,000


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Girls' Raising Hands is a program under YouthPromise Centre Kenya.  We exists with a mission to raise a generation of healthy and empowered girls. Our focus is to keep girls in Embu, Kenya in  school because the drop-out rate before they reach 12th grade is so high. We believe that when girls are empowered, they become better women in the society and become part of decision making, and this contributes to growth of the society. Our programs include:

Hygiene Program-Girls are provided with a feminine hygiene kit every month, which reduces school absenteeism, and give girls a better opportunity to  participate in class, increases chances of success, which brings a lot of hope. Additionally, girls are taught the importance of maintaining their menstrual hygiene.

Entrepreneurship-Girls get equipped with sewing skills, beading skills, soap making, taught about financial management, and how to come up with     smart business ideas.

Computer Training- Since technology is developing everyday, our girls are equipped with computing skills, as well as taught how they can do online jobs so that they are not left behind.

Mentorship- One on one guidance and counselling is done where girls are taught the importance of shunning away from vices, and focus on education,     as well as ways in which they can better themselves.

Beatrice Wangai- Program Founder
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Beatrice is passionate about girls. Her desire is to see them become better women in the society. She will be going back to Kenya to establish a program that has a focus on keeping girls in school.
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