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Date of Birth:  Jan 2006
Grade Level:  10th Grade

My name is Blessings Nkhoma, I live at Chilembwe village in Salima. I am the first born in the family of three children. I stay with my grandmother because my parents passed on when I was young. When I grow up I would like to be an engineer.

I live at Chilembwe village. It is close to Kamuzu Road township.  Life at the village has been hard growing up because I lost my parents at the tender age. But I thank my grandmother for being there for me and providing all the resources I need.

When I wake up I help my grandmother sweeping around the house. I take a bath and get set for school. At school I attend classes and all the activities. I return home in the evening. After eating super I start studying using a lamp because we do not have electricity. 

Pray for wisdom and guidance

Pray for good health and all the school resources

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