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Date of Birth:  Mar 2001
Grade Level:  12th Grade
My name is Flora. When I finish school I want to be a police officer because I want to play a role in protecting our country.  I live with my grandparents.
I live in a community that has many problems that affect us in various ways. As a girl who grew up in this community, I realized that if I get an education it will help me and my entire family and community in one way or another.
When I wake up I sweep around our house and I  go to a borehole to fetch water. After that, I go to the kitchen to prepare some food for breakfast. Sometimes I go to school without eating anything in the morning.  When I get back home from school I feel hungry, yet I still have to do some house chores, including preparing lunch for the entire family members. After eating I make sure that I have to write my homework(s) and study.
Please pray for me so that I should have a sponsor who can assist me in my entire education until I achieve my goal.
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