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Date of Birth:  Dec 2007
Grade Level:  5th Grade
My name is Zainabu Mbali: I am 13 years old and I was born on 03 December 2007. I am in standard 4 at Kapira Primary school. When I finish school, I want to be a policewoman because I want to help bring order and security to my community. I live with my mother only because my father is in South Africa for work.
I live in a village where there are a lot of old people and children because many young people especially boys/men go to South Africa for work or business. There are also a lot of school dropouts because of poverty.
As a girl when I wake up, I have to help my mother to clean the dishes and draw water at the nearest borehole. Then I have to sweep the house, prepare food if we have it available for breakfast. Then I get ready to go to school.
I pray that I find a sponsor so that I can go to school, and I need school resources like notebooks, pens, and shoes.
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