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Date of Birth:  Oct 2012
Grade Level:  3rd Grade
Hi, My name is Mefa, I'm 9 year old. I would like to be a Teacher when I grow up because my school Teacher is my role model. I love reading and chatting.
I'm the first born in the family of two, we are all girl. I stay with my Mum and Dad. My Mum is a stay home mum while my Father works as a gardener. We all live in a small village very far from the city, characterised thatched small houses and small farming lands.
A typical day for me start with me helping my mother with house chores before I depart for school at 6:30am. School starts  at 7:30am but as students we are suppose to be there before 7:00am. After knocking off (being dismissed from school) at 12:00 noon, I go straight home and have my lunch with my young sister. Later in the day, at around 17:00pm, I work on my assignments. Every Friday, from 14:00pm, I go to Seeds of Promise for an After school training session where we are taught about the word of God and  also helped with our school work that we are finding difficult to understand.
I would like you to pray that God should help me in my education. I want to be the most intelligent girl in our class.
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