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Date of Birth:  Aug 2011
Grade Level:  2nd Grade
My name is Ashani Shaibu, I'm 10 year old and I'm in grade 2. I would like to become a Teacher when I grow up. I love Praying football and chatting with friends. I use to be a Muslim but now I'm a Christian.
I was born in a family of 7 children and I' am the fourth born. Me and my siblings we live with only our mother, my parents got divorced and they live in different cities. My mum is a stay home parents as a result we struggle a lot. Most of the times, its hard for her to buy for us school uniforms and other school necessities.
Every morning after waking up, I prepare to go to school. After taking my breakfast, I depart for school at 6:50am because our  house isc loser to the School. After knocking off at 12:00 noon, I go straight home and have my lunch. During the afternoon hours, I spent them with my friends chatting or praying football. On Friday, at 14:00pm I attend with my friends the afterschool training session at Seeds of Promise
I would like you to help me pray for my mother's health. May the good Lord keep her well as she is the main pillar of our Family
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