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Date of Birth:  Jun 2004
Grade Level:  5th Grade
Hi, my name is Judith Letison, I'm 17 years old and I'm an orphan living with my grandparents. I would like to become a nurse when I grow up.
I was born in a family of four children, all of us we are girls. Our parents died in 2019 and I moved on with my grandparents while my other siblings were taken by other relatives. Life is hard, as my grandparents are old people.
when I wake up, I help around the house with house chores before I go to school. I start off for school most times at 6:50am and we knock off at 14:00pm. After knocking off, I go home and take my lunch, then I rest or chat with my friends or grandparents. Later in the day I study and do my assignments. On Wednesday, I attend girls empowerment program at Seeds of Promise which happens every week, on Wednesday.

I would like you to pray for me that one day I should be able to fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse

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