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Date of Birth:  Aug 2008
Grade Level:  7th Grade
Greetings, my name is Eneless Kondwani, I'm 14years old and I'm in standard/grade 7. I want to be a Nurse when I grow up. My favourite subject is Science.
I live in a small village far away from the town and 5kilometers from the market. The village is characterised by small thatched  house and a lot of farm land. I live with parents who have 3 children and I'm the second born. We are all girls.
I wake up, take a bath, eat porridge then walk to school. After knocking off at 14:00pm, I head straight back home to take my Lunch with my siblings. After taking my Lunch, I clean the dishes and rest or chat with my friends. On Wednesday, at 15:30pm, I attend The Girls Empowerment Program At Seeds of Promise
I would like you to help me pray that I should be able to fulfil my dream one day.
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