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Date of Birth:  Mar 2007
Grade Level:  7th Grade
Halo, my name is Gilberta James, I'm 15 years old. I would like to become a Doctor when I grow up. My favorite subject is English.
I live in a small village several kilometers away from Lilongwe town, the capital city of Malawi. I live with my grandmother, my mother passed on last year and my dad remarried and took my other siblings to stay with him. I do piece works to support myself and my grandmother.
I wake up very early everyday, do house chores ( which include fetching water from the community borehole, weep around the compound and clean the dishes), bath, sometimes eat breakfast sometimes not then go school. After knocking off at 14:30pm, I go straight home to cook lunch for myself and my grandmother. After taking lunch and cleaning the plates, I chat with my friends or do my assignments if we have been having any by our teachers.
Please, pray for me that I should always be happy and be able to achieve my dreams
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