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Date of Birth:  May 2005
Grade Level:  7th Grade
Hi, my name is Martha kamchichi, am 17  years old. I'm in standard 7 and I would like to be a Nurse when I grow up. My favorite subject is Science. My hobbies include cooking and reading.
I live with both of my parents in a village very far from Lilongwe town, the capital city of Malawi. My parents are small scale farmers. I'm the 8th born in the family of 9 children, 2 boys and 6 girls.
Everyday, when I wake up I help with house chores, take bath, eat breakfast and go to school. After knocking off at 14;30pm, I go home straight and eat my lunch, after eating, I clean the dishes and rest or chat with my friends. Later in the day, I work on my assignments/homework.
Please pray for me that I should be able to complete my education because most of the girls in my village get married even before they get to grade 9.
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