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Date of Birth:  Dec 2015
Grade Level:  K-1
My name is Obed. I am not in school due to lack of school fees.
I live in a rural village in South-Western part of Uganda.  It is a trading centre where we go for buying things like food, clothes, and cakes.  I sleep in a semi-permanent house. Most of the houses surrounding our house are grass thatched houses.
I wake up early in the morning and get ready for a prayer. At home, I play Football, hide and seek game during my leisure time with my friends. I eat lunch and go to collect firewood for cooking food. I live with both my parents and 3 of my siblings.
Pray for my family to have blessings from God. I need school fees to go to school and start my education. I need a school uniform and books, pens and pencils to assist me in my studies. I hope God will answer your prayers for me.
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