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Maria Gorret

Date of Birth:  Apr 2014
Grade Level:  K-3

Maria is a nice silent girl, who come from a family of five children. She loves coming to school as she is the only one who got a chance in her family. She wants to be a Teacher one day in life, but her father got a mental illnesses which has affected him hence traumatizing the entire family through domestic violence they see at home always.   

After father getting married to their mother, they lived a happy family, but along the way, no one knows what happened, he lost his minds, started mistreating the entire family, beating their mother and the kids, chasing them away from house often, plus acting whired at his work place by doing abnormal things, then he was chased from work, started staying at home sleeping the whole day. They tried him with medical treatment but was very expensive and didn’t finish the whole medical package.

Maria’s mother decided to move around looking for what to do like washing for people's laundry and digging for families for them to earn a living, but it is seasonal. Life is hard for them to even find a meal to eat. Kids keep on moving on streets looking for food which is not a good thing to do. 

 I wake up, fetch water from the well, take my bath, wear my unform and i walk to school. I study, i eat food at school, play with my friends, and in the eveving, I walk back home with my friends, fetch water for my mother, clean the compound and sleep. 



The situation is very bad, please pray for healing towards her father

Mother to find a Job to do

Kids to get chance of going to school.

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