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Date of Birth:  Dec 2017
Grade Level:  K-2

Moses is a special lovely boy. he is always happy even when he spent time without a meal, it will be hard to tell. he loves and enjoys being at schhol weekends are his worst days of the week due to the situation at home. he hates weekend. 

Moses is a sweet little boy who leaves with his parents in a small village and drinking (Alcohol) is the only activity done there. He has been exposed to drinking several times even at his young age because the drinking activity is done straight at their house door where his parents rent a small room for shelter. Because both parents cannot find a job to do, feeding and taking care of their family is challenging, and so, this little boy always moves in the village by himself to look for something to eat.

I wake in the morning, walk two miles to school, study, eat meals, and play with my friends. then i walk back home, fetch water, wash utensils, bath and sleep. 

please pray for provision and safety. 

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