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The mission of UrbanPromise International is to prepare emerging leaders to initiate, develop, and sustain Christian-based youth development organizations and to seed their new ministries as they serve vulnerable children and teens in our world’s most under-resourced communities.

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How our Ministries are Helping...

Through innovative, community-based programming, over 3,468 youth are served in our programs worldwide.

The children and youth we work with receive thousands of hours of FREE programming through our AfterSchool and Summer Camps.

We serve children and youth in Canada, Honduras, Malawi, Uganda, and the United States.

Dec 9, 2015

A home for girls in Malawi...

Of all the gifts you buy this Christmas, none will match the significance of purchasing a bed, sheets, and a pillow for a girl in Malawi. I promise! It won't be a fancy, expensive bed with a Sealy mattress and brass bed posts. But it will be a good bed. More importantly, the bed will represent something far deeper to our young ladies--it will provide safety, security, and opportunity. Yes friends...


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