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The Center for Education and Leadership Development Initiative, Liberia (CELDI-Liberia) is a children and youth development organization that focuses on the educational, leadership, Christian spiritual, and social developments of underprivileged children and youth from slum communities in Liberia. We seek to provide interventions in education because a “significant number of children drop out of school before finishing primary school and those who do graduate are often promoted to the next grade without the skills and learning needed for continued success. This has resulted in high rates of underachievement, low self-esteem, less interest in education, and high drop-out rates within our target communities.”


Based in the capital city of Monrovia, CELDI is serving over 150 children and youth per day using the UrbanPromise model of afterschool (Third Place Initiative-TPI) program and summer camp. E. Walker, a graduate of the UrbanPromise School of Leadership, has a vision to transform the lives of his community through this ministry.

Our Programs

After-School Program

Serving 150 Children & Youths 
annually since 2016
Developing Children and youths through After school Programs: catering to the educational, spiritual, and social needs of underprivileged children through quality tutorial assistance.

Summer Camp

Serving 120 Children and Youths 
annually since 2017
Mentoring children and youths through Summer Camp: We offer two weeks of proactive Summer Camp activities (devotion, Christian games, field trips, leadership development, breakfast, lunch, etc.)

High School Mentorship Program

Serving 30 Teenagers 
annually since 2017
Developing High School Students through: Servant-Leadership development, mentors youths to put or serve others first, encourage diversity of thoughts, create a culture of trust, and have selfless minds. Civic & Voters' Education, acquaints young electorates with the basic concepts of democracy and the role of elections in democracy and governance; stressing the importance of one's vote. Youth Priority Development Summit, gathers youths once every year to plan and develop problem-solving strategies for their future, communities, and country.    Job skills training, mentoring, college prep, etc. Program Impact: served over 200 youths in 6 years.

Child Sponsorship

Serving 35 Children and Youth 
annually since 2018
Child Sponsorship Program, provides sponsorship opportunities for underprivileged children to get quality education.

Recent Highlights

Sponsorship Program

$36 / MONTH
Sponsorship Program Details
When you sponsor a child or youth through UrbanPromise International, you change a child’s life forever! With your support, our ministries are able to reach the children and youth in their communities through holistic programs. Children and youth have the opportunity to grow spiritually, socially, academically, and physically. Our ministries act as family for these children and youth, many of whom are coming from lifestyles of extreme poverty, broken homes, abuse, and circumstances that hold them back from their God-given potential.

When you sponsor a child or youth with UrbanPromise International, you become a part of their extended family around the world. Helping them break free from the chains of their circumstances, and giving them the opportunity to hope for a brighter future.
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E. Alfred Walker: +231777209062

E. Alfred Walker:

Executive Director
E. Alfred Walker
Director of Administration & Development
Kangar W. Topoe
Director of Camps & Programs
Alphonso P. Johnson
Director of Finance
Mercy G. Cole
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