Founded 2023

Learning Pathways Initiative Uganda

Learning Pathways Initiative-Uganda (LPI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable children in Bakka Parish, Wakiso District, Uganda. Bakka is a rural area characterized by poverty, high school dropout rates, and limited access to education. LPI aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing financial assistance, mentorship, counseling, and life skills training to children from impoverished backgrounds.

LPI’s vision is a poverty-free and self-sustaining Uganda, and its mission is to support vulnerable children through education, mentorship, and emotional support. The organization aims to empower children, uplift their families and communities, and extend its reach beyond Bakka to other regions in Uganda and eventually across Africa.


Our Programs

Child Sponsorship Program

Serving 50 Children 
annually since 2023
LPI’s initial focus is on primary school-children, then ultimately expanding to high school and vocational studies in the future across Uganda and then ultimately pan Africa. The organization plans to support at least 50 children in its child sponsorship and mentorship programs in the first year. LPI pays 50% of the school fees to lessen the burden for the parents so that they can use the savings to feed their children better. It also provides school uniforms, books, pens and shoes to enable the children learn better. LPI aims to create a supportive framework that empowers parents to be actively involved in their children’s education and partners with schools to create a productive learning environment to enable underserved children to stay in school and break the cycle of poverty.
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Janet Nakyanzi: +256779609514

James Wasagami: +256773550306


Executive Director
Janet Nakyanzi
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