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MercyCare Farm

MercyCare Farm is an extension of MercyCare Malawi Ministries. Our vision is to become a food basket for all programs run by MercyCare Malawi Ministries through cultivation of crops and raising of animals on the farm. The following programs will be the beneficiaries of this project; Afterschool program, summer camps and the High schools.
Launch Date:  Jul 01, 2024


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Mercy Care Farm is a branch of Mercy Care Malawi ministries, which is an affiliate of Urban Promise International. The farming project will start in July 2024. The farm will be located in Ntchisi district (central region of Malawi) where the second high school campus of Mercy Care High School is located.

Mercy Care Farm, is a project which seeks to alleviate the challenges faced in the provision of food to the after school program and high schools. This project will involve cultivation of crops (Maize, beans and vegetables) and rearing of livestock on the farm. The goal is to avoid disruption in the food supply chain to our programs at the ministry and reduce the operations costs of our programs.

In addition to being a food basket, the farm will also act as a learning ground for students and the alumni from our high school, where they will learn agricultural skills which are very important in an agrarian economy.


After school program kids receiving lunch.




Justice N Pondani
Contact Info
+1 (856) 726 5695 & +265 999 30 41 30
Justice Pondani is a trained administrator and educator, a holder of a bachelors degree in Public Administration from the University of Malawi(UNIMA). Currently, he is pursuing his MBA at Cairn University in the State of Pennsylvania. Upon completion of his studies, he will be returning to Malawi to implement the farming project. The project's mission is to eradicate the challenges associated with provision of food to various programs at MercyCare Malawi Ministries.
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